Are dessert wines really for dessert?

Dessert wines are perhaps the most controversial wines served during a multi-course, multi-wine meal. Here's a little help understanding it all.

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Start a seafood lover talking about fish and invariably the conversation will alight on some seminal experience in his or her life that started the whole affair. For a close friend of mine who is a marine biologist, it was the Jersey Shore in the early seventies (when the Beatles’ “Octopus’s Garden” played often on the radio). For him, Cape May still has a magic all its own.

Staying in business for 130 years is easy once you commit yourself to your customers. After that, you can overcome the logistical difficulties of delivering...

It's one of the cornerstones of the restaurant business (along with employee problems and debt). Isn't it time you got to know it a little better?

On its most basic level, cheese is simply preserved milk. To “preserve the milk,” one must lower the water activity, thereby controlling the bacteria that cause spoilage. Ironically, cheese makers achieve this process with other non-harmful beneficial bacteria. The same effect is also achieved by using acid.

A roundup of developments affecting franchisees and franchisors.

Corkage fees charged by restaurateurs to uncork, decant and serve a customer's bottle of wine have soared to upwards of $50 in America's most popular dining spots. This is creating a controversy that has some people popping their corks.

By studying how heat affects flavors, R&D professionals can be better equipped to create formulas and processes that deliver consistent food products with the desired flavor profile.

Managers tend to focus their attention on top performers or poor performers, leaving the majority of employees neglected. The average employees, though, are the unsung heroes of an organization.

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