Chipotle bows to shareholder demands for change

The fast-casual leader has appointed several new celebrity directors, including a former CFO McDonald's and the financier who married Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper in January. A representative of activist investor Bill Ackman was also among the new additions.


This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Boundaries smashed

Instead of heeding what normally are yellow lights, restaurants stomped on the gas and crashed through barriers this week.

With employee turnover at an all-time high, some restaurants are tugging at workers’ heart strings—making it harder for them to say goodbye.

The troubled brand's founder will relinquish his post as soon as a successor is found.

The top three officers were drawn from the independent community.

The departure of Mark Crumpacker is a clear indication of where the fast-casual chain is headed, says RB's The Bottom Line.

The fast casual owes its success to its staff, CEO Russ Bendel said when accepting this year’s award.

The force behind Commander’s Palace was mentor to a number of industry stars, including Emeril Lagasse and his son, Dickie. He was part of the first generation of what would become one of America’s most famous restaurant families.

Lois Margolet quit her job in 1976 to try her hand at a sandwich shop named after her grandfather and featuring a sandwich her aunt had inspired.

For $780 million in cash, the parent of Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse will add a growth chain with familiar management.

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