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Consumer Trends

New research shows travel is set for a rebound

Two separate studies show tourists and business travelers are getting back on the road at nearly pre-pandemic levels.


How a quiet warrior shut industry bigots' mouths

Reality Check: You may not know the name of JP Rama, but the industry is a less discriminatory place because of him.

Upon his retirement in May, the son of founders Allie and Willard Marriott will relinquish his chairman's title to his son, David.

The executive branch said it will request an immediate 20,000 increase in H-2B visas, a first for this time of year.

Unique ingredients, artisanal sourcing and creative presentations are taking the traditional meat-and-cheese board to the next level.

Chicago’s Selina targets remote workers and millennial/Gen Z travelers with its plant-forward menu items and zero-alcohol drinks.

Here are some best practices for reintroducing the breakfast buffet with consumer priorities, safety and margins in mind.

The cafe chain will offer its products in the lodging giant's new Tempo line.

The lodging giant intends to roll a new hot buffet into 3,000 properties. The spread emphasizes quality, customization and sustainability.

Top trends that emerged over the last year continue to drive menu innovation and service at the hotel chain.

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