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Hotel CEOs make a last-ditch plea for relief in letter to Trump

Execs from hotel chains are asking for an immediate injection of cash to save the industry.


One hotel chain upgrades the kids’ menu to lure vacationing parents

Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts launched a new culinary concept to appeal to traveling families—once they start traveling again.

The state is one of several that have lifted restrictions on restaurants this week.

The trend toward readymade drinks fits with today’s safety and labor concerns.

Without a relief package, a majority of hotels will be forced to lay off more workers and close their doors.

The job losses are occurring at the hotel company’s corporate headquarters.

A new report from the American Hotel & Lodging Association paints a gloomy picture.

Work-from-home folks who want a change of scenery can snag special “work-from-hotel” deals.

Ambitious plans for Eldr+Rime in Wisconsin’s first Renaissance Hotel were in the works pre-pandemic, and little changed for the opening.

The foodservice operator has told at least 3,000 employees in airports around the country that their layoffs could turn permanent in October.

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