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Demand soars for Chicago’s Italian beef sandwich, thanks to ‘The Bear’

Google searches for Italian beef have nearly doubled since the Hulu series started streaming this summer and sales are booming at spots selling the iconic sandwich, both in its hometown and other cities.


Make holiday celebrations easy with meal kits and off-premise offerings

Delivering authentic flavor and high-quality dishes remains paramount, and, as is customary around the holidays, togetherness will be top of mind for many consumers.

Nearly three-fourths of consumers said they would buy groceries at a restaurant, but less than a quarter of restaurants offer them, according to research by Coca-Cola.

The two are the latest big chains to try that form of to-go and delivered meals.

Branching into retail has brought its own set of challenges.

Operators are packaging the ingredients for make-at-home pizzas, brunch, tacos and more to deliver to housebound consumers.

Izard created two branded meal kits to sell online, with more to come.

The meal kit company is doing a reverse stock split because its share price has been too low for too long, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Blue Apron’s struggles show that the meal kit business isn’t the major restaurant competitor some thought it would be, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The fast-casual chain has added a section where customers can pick up components for a meal assembled at home.

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