Menu Feed

“Menu Feed” is a podcast brought to you by Restaurant Business and FoodService Director. Each episode will focus on the business-building trends that are shaping today’s menus in restaurants and other dining destinations, hosted by Senior Editor Patricia Cobe. Operators, chefs and industry experts will share their insights on the flavors, ingredients, cuisines and consumer demands that are driving menu innovation and development. 

Menu Feed how now become, Menu Talk.


How Fields Good Chicken is changing up its menu and marketing to keep guests engaged

Listen as Field Failing, founder and CEO of the fast-casual concept, shares strategies for differentiating the chicken menu and building a loyal fan base.


How independent restaurant Saigon Sisters is adapting to the coronavirus crisis

Listen as Mary Nguyen Aregoni, chef-owner of Saigon Sisters, shares the creative strategies she has developed.

Melman shares how his restaurant group has put creative new ideas into action.

CEO Chris Birkinshaw shares his strategies for scaling up.

CMO Donna Josephson offers insights on menu evolution, the labor challenge and more.

The concept is finding success by tailoring to local markets.

Hear how the concept is keeping up with the tastes of today’s diners.

Hear which dishes and flavors experts predict will take off in the coming months.

Founders Ashley and Rick Ortiz share how their Chicago concept is getting a piece of $65 billion catering market.

What flavors, ingredients and cuisines are students craving?

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