Pocket-size sommelier

O'Charley's is hoping a handy food and wine pairing reference tool that debuts this month at all its locations will transform ordinary servers into sommeliers.

Low carb eating: Here to stay?

Is low-carb eating really here to stay? Plenty of restaurants seem to think so.

A group of panelists at an analysts' conference here couldn't seem to agree on a strict definition for fast-casual, said to be the fastest-growing segment of the restaurant industry.

Many years ago, when I was in a carefree bachelor, a young woman I was dating told me that I need to be more spontaneous.

A combination Mad Cow scares, McDonald's taking a huge share of the domestic beef supply, and increased consumer demand thanks to Dr. Atkins is wreaking havoc with beef prices. Looking for ways to counter the skyrocketing food cost?

Tis the season for giving...especially to those less fortunate than ourselves.

An owner doesn't always have to be in a restaurant—but it helps.

Despite a soft economy and unfavorable weather conditions that have hampered most of the foodservice business in the Northeast this year, Bristol, CT-based...

The holiday season offers many opportunities for fun, goodwill and lots of business. But behind the glamour of hospitality, there needs to be some basics to keep things running smoothly.

John Renzi, vice-president of operations and purchasing of the family-owned broadliner Renzi Bros. Inc., Watertown, NY, bemoans the absence a vibrant...