Food trucks roll into RLC

Food trucks fill the streets and parking lots of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin and Portland, Ore. Los Angeles alone counts 9,000 food trucks and carts, including branded vehicles from California Pizza Kitchen and Carl’s Jr. Yet when Ray Villaman, moderator of a trucks panel at the Restaurant Leadership Conference, asked who in the audience has or plans to launch a food truck, only a few hands were raised.


A sea of technology

This executive chef keeps guests entertained with fish apps that put sustainability info at the user’s fingertips.

Foodservice operators always look to impress, but during the winter holiday season the stakes are even higher, as chefs seek innovative methods to help...

Two days into a think tank for 1,200 restaurant executives, a half-dozen currents hijacked the discussions.

Its decision to "go dark" on its social media channels to promote the rollout of its new mobile app resulted in some success, Adweek reports. The company says 75 percent of all stores had processed a mobile order 24 hours after the launch.

Counting Danny Meyer as an investor, Umi Kitchen cracks the delivery-only restaurant code for using amateur cooks.

It's the hottest, well, buzzword in marketing. Buzz. Everybody wants it. Not everybody has it. And to get it, best you forget the old lingo of media buys, bump rates and drive times and get hip to the "influencers," "viral marketers," "bloggers" and "blasters" who are driving things today.

Guerrilla marketing has taken a decidedly tech turn. Pros: It's cheap and effective. Cons: What's Twitter again?

A look at the top mobile users of social media underscores how much they depend on daily dish-ups of 140 characters to make their models work.

Wolfgang Puck wants to be America’s go-to-chef, and his new iPhone/iPad app. launched mid-April, may just help him realize his dream.

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