Floating on cloud computing

One reason why some restaurants have been hesitant to switch to cloud computing is the need for an always-on Internet connection. What happens if the Internet goes down?


Doing double duty: McDonald’s carry-out packages feature information-bearing QR codes

Beginning in mid-January, McDonald's carryout bags and fountain beverage cups are featuring a new packaging design with quick-response (QR) matrix barcodes.

The café chain says it will roll tableless urban formats, pick-up stations, delivery service and several new ways of interacting with patrons.

Online revelations abounded this week about Starbucks and other restaurant operators, providing an education to eavesdroppers.

The world's largest restaurant chain intends to freshen its image with a new design, operational changes and menu tweaks. Here's a preview.

What's new again? Big juicy steaks, burgers, and prime rib. After years of eating less of the stuff, Americans have stopped beefing about health woes and started indulging again.

Goldman has a 25-year record in financial and executive positions in high-technology and publicly-traded companies. Until recently, he served as cfo of...

In this down economy, some restaurants have taken their eye off beverage while trying to survive. That’s a big, possibly fatal, mistake.

HOUSTON (September 23, 2011 - GlobeNewswire)—Sysco Corporatio announced today that C. Frederick Lankford, president of Sysco Eastern Maryland, has been...

We asked chefs to name some of their favorites; as we would expect, apps that make chef’s lives in the kitchen easier are the most popular.

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