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Olive Garden’s parent reinstates execs’ pre-COVID salaries

Gene Lee went from zero dollars, the pay level he set for himself to help Darden Restaurants and its employees, to $1 million a year.


Wash. state pushes for broader overtime pay

It’s joining the parade of states that want restaurants and other employers to pay managers extra for working more than 40 hours per week.

The action accuses the games and food chain of cutting hours to make employees ineligible for insurance coverage.

The economy as a whole added 250,000 jobs in the month and wage rates increased.

A new study shows a huge gap between the pay required by law and what employees in demand are actually making.

A comparison of various research snapshots shows how aligned staff pay and restaurant performance are—or are not.

But the slight deceleration won’t be enough to knock retention off the top of most operators’ worry lists, says People Report.

The decision could require restaurants to forego the tip credit for side work and untipped activities.

Motivating your waitstaff to improve their service is a challenge. And concentrating on what everyone is doing "wrong" gets really old really fast. So years ago I tried an experiment based on two premises.

Chains get real about their food, a different view of mall restaurants’ prospects, giving the French some credit and the high cost of a halo.

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