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Restaurants dodge another pork squeeze—for now

A federal court is expected to delay enforcement of a Massachusetts law that, together with a new California regulation, would have put an extreme crimp in the supplies of ribs, bacon and other pork supplies.


Calif. restaurants get a 6-month reprieve on pork limits

A court has ruled that establishments can continue buying pork raised under prior standards, avoiding what some feared would be a severe shortage and a spike in prices.

The three approved suppliers have celebrity chefs lined up to introduce cultured poultry to the American consumer.

The state Senate approved a bill banning the use of gestation crates. The measure now moves to Gov. Murphy, who is expected to sign it into law.

The deal will add 2,300 accounts to US Foods' fold. Terms were not disclosed.

A panel of executives shared advice on hiring, loyalty, robots and more during a crowdsourced session at the Restaurant Leadership Conference. And they weren’t afraid to challenge popular opinion.

The company offers nightly deliveries of essentials like lids and syrups. It says it can help shops save money and time.

The state says it is developing a system now to channel the money down to the victims, which include restaurant chains.

Cultured protein suppliers say they view chefs as the agents for winning public acceptance. And kitchen celebrities are gladly assuming the role.

The Texas-based company suspended its services over the weekend, causing problems for restaurants in multiple states.

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