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New pork rules could affect more than the cost of chops and ribs

Working Lunch: The strategy that changed what items can be sold in California, Massachusetts and New Jersey could be refocused on other protein sources, driving up the cost of beef and poultry.


Earnings roundup: Sysco sees industry growth slowing, Marriott says vacation travel is back

Both companies say market conditions are complicated by the particulars.

The state has followed California and Massachusetts in setting new hog-raising standards, a move likely to put a crimp into pork supplies.

Orion provides branded prepared foods, including breakfast items and pizza, to about 1,500 c-stores.

Some restaurants have been using the grocery delivery app to get goods in a pinch. It’s now catering to them directly with a new division called Instacart Business.

A federal court is expected to delay enforcement of a Massachusetts law that, together with a new California regulation, would have put an extreme crimp in the supplies of ribs, bacon and other pork supplies.

A court has ruled that establishments can continue buying pork raised under prior standards, avoiding what some feared would be a severe shortage and a spike in prices.

The three approved suppliers have celebrity chefs lined up to introduce cultured poultry to the American consumer.

The state Senate approved a bill banning the use of gestation crates. The measure now moves to Gov. Murphy, who is expected to sign it into law.

The deal will add 2,300 accounts to US Foods' fold. Terms were not disclosed.

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