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Restaurants call on Congress to avert a rail strike

The National Restaurant Association cites an avoidance of the walkout as its top legislative priority for the remainder of 2022.


McDonald's accuses top meat processors of fixing pork prices

The burger giant has sued 12 big-name suppliers, asserting they shared pricing and production data.

Butter is the latest tech company that aims to digitize the manual process of wholesale ordering. It raised $9 million in a round led by Google’s Gradient Ventures.

But the giant distributor is cautious given the operating environment and prepared to cut costs in a potential economic downturn.

Workers at a Boston-area facility say they won an $11-an-hour raise, along with other concessions, ending a nearly three-week strike.

Drivers have walked off the job in Boston and central New York, and Arizona workers are honoring picket lines.

Brined cukes and a host of other lip-pursing options are showing up on all types of menus—and everywhere from the drinks list to the dessert array.

Pork supplies were expected to drop steeply on Aug. 15 because of new farming regulations. But the rules were postponed under an unusual agreement between industry and government.

The company’s 11th acquisition since 2016 adds considerable fuel to its data-driven procurement service for restaurants.

Palo Alto Foods, Joseph Martin Foods and Esteson will become part of the San Francisco distributor as it eyes nationwide expansion.

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