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Why U.S. restaurateurs should heed what's happening in the U.K.

Reality Check: Soaring menu prices are expected to cut Britain's population of fish-and-chips joints in half. There's a lesson in there for operators on this side of the Atlantic.


Imperial Dade buys a distributor serving the Northwest

Insight Distributing is the 77th company to be acquired by Imperial Dade since management was assumed by the Tillis family.

The company is recasting itself as a holding company for Midwestern haulers, a move that should also facilitate the adoption of new technology.

The revived lawsuit charges the distributor from under-filling 40-pound cartons of chicken. It asks that the suit be certified as a class action.

Planning to double in unit count, the fast-casual chain needs its suppliers to grow too. A unique partnership with digital platform Bridge is designed to open doors for potential financing.

The agency is warning restaurants to discard the shellfish if it was supplied during the last 17 days by a Canadian harvester, Future Seafoods.

The acquired company will serve as the foundation for a new specialty equipment and supplies operation, Sysco said.

A newly formed group called HARP is aiming to accelerate the adoption of best practices. Members include Marriott, Hilton and Radisson.

Legacy Food Group has acquired four local distributors and said it intends to offer the benefits of scale without the headaches.

If the shellfish was harvested at a certain time last month in the Groton, Conn., area, it could be contaminated, the agency warned.

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