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Year in review


The biggest restaurant technology deals of 2021

Tech suppliers were on the receiving end of more than 100 funding rounds or acquisitions in 2021. Here’s a look at the highlights.


The biggest stories of 2021

A Deeper Dive: Restaurant Business editors discuss the year’s biggest stories and make predictions for 2022.

From the Editor: RB journalists covered every facet of an up-and-down year in the restaurant industry. Here is a look at some of our best journalism of 2021.

Insurers, landlords, the SBA, mask deniers, Mother Nature and the guy who wrote "Fancylike" are all those that should receive coal this year.

Here are the stories that capture the most clicks from readers this year.

These developments made industry news in 2021 but expect to see them surge into bigger trends next year.

Money was slow to start flowing at the outset of 2021, but interest in emerging concepts picked up in the back half of the year.

Restaurant operators continued to learn new vocabulary words in 2021, as the ongoing pandemic created migraine-level headaches for them around staffing issues, supply chain woes and more. Some of ...

The investment firms largely ceded the market to strategic buyers last year. But some believe they could make their return as they grow more confident in projections.

Reality Check: The best thing you could give restaurateurs this year is a break from the near past.

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