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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Comfort in the face of cyberattacks

What kind of response should restaurant execs have to a data breach, and how has that changed?


Can an operator dip into employees' tips?

As of now, no, Advice Guy says. But a Trump administration proposal could change that.

The company is vowing to use nothing but renewable or recyclable packaging by 2025.

The new Technomic Chain Restaurant Index shows 4.4% sales growth in the quarter.

The chain’s plan to combat global warming is its latest effort in a bid to improve its image.

A 66-year-old victim who was hospitalized for kidney failure said she was poisoned by a salad sold by a New Jersey unit.

Restaurateurs in Spain have hit on some unusual ways to address problems they have in common with peers in the United States. Here are a few of the innovations.

Interest in healthier eating has boosted the use of steamers, but memories of water-related problems and dependability issues still dog the category. In response, manufacturers have come up with clever variations for generating steam and regulating temperature and pressure.

Customers raised on Starbucks expect to be able to order specialty coffees any place they patronize. The challenge for the restaurant operator is how to offer a range of coffee drinks without burdening a stretched-thin staff. Fortunately, there are a number of automatic or semi-automatic coffee machines that can virtually duplicate the coffeehouse experience.

MexiCali Burrito Co., a, family-owned taqueria in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was already well into catering when it signed up with Boston start-up Phoodeez (pronounced food-ies) to boost its corporate reach.

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