New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Pops of color in a sea of stainless steel

While stainless steel still reigns supreme, a number of manufacturers are jazzing up their equipment with bright bursts of color.


Spotlight on solar power

With QSRs partnering with energy providers through rebate programs, it could be prime time for operators to catch some rays—but only if the investment is good.

We interrupt the string of bleak industry news to highlight a few reasons for encouragement.

Red Robin Express will have no storefront, just production capabilities for producing the food found in full-service units.

Reconsideration of the controversial practice underscores the more moderate approach of the reconstituted board.

The web allows operators to learn more about their customers than ever. Advice Guy explains how to capitalize on that info without making diners uncomfortable.

A three-year Blueprint for Growth was released this morning to coincide with a gathering of Dunkin' Brands investors.

The chain, however, reports little success with its delivery experiments.

Food halls are expected to triple in the coming two years.

Restaurateurs learned their world truly is shrinking, but they can't readily say the same about delivery concerns.

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