New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

E. coli outbreak has authorities checking Panera Breads in N.J.

The officials stress that they have no confirmation the chain was where eight people contracted the bacteria.


Loyalty left behind in third-party delivery deals

While there are certainly a number of back-end challenges when it comes to partnering with a delivery service, there’s another problematic area: loyalty.

Its winning recipe combines convenience, value and a smart marketing strategy.

Will The Proud Bird fly after its multiconcept makeover?

The Starbucks revolution has permanently changed the face of coffee consumption. Coffee drinkers expect high-quality brews everywhere they go, and restaurants have taken this as a cue to improve their offerings. Manufacturers are obliging, developing equipment innovations to keep pace.

Sometimes the secret in doing something right is simply a matter of going back to basics. When it comes to pizza, that means using a wood-fired oven to give the crust a slight char and the toppings that savory “fire-roasted” flavor.

The conundrum facing operators is to go with new, used or both. Budget, needs and anticipated usage are the major considerations.

Now in the recovery stage, operators are doing whatever they can to get their diners back up and running and ensure the safety and stability of affected employees.

Focusing on hospitality and maximizing the guest experience can be a key point of differentiation—and a way to keep guests coming back.

The health-oriented hybrid says a change in its business model makes expansion there too costly.

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