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People returning to restaurants correlates with COVID spikes: Yelp

Meanwhile, more restaurants were closing permanently, the business review site found.


Uber to invest $10M to help Black-owned businesses

The company also said it would hire more Black people for leadership roles, part of a host of anti-racist commitments announced Friday.

The pandemic has transformed the industry, creating a space robots appear uniquely suited to fill.

Operators and suppliers are leveraging technology to serve diners more safely.

The facilities will help make delivery cheaper and faster, taking share from other models, the researcher said.

The latest version of the technology will be on fryer duty at a single unit this fall.

The chain has seen sales increase 60% in 2020, recording double-digit increases even before the pandemic began.

Starting in September, the sustainability-minded chain will list the carbon emissions of each item on its menu.

The move is one of several new initiatives by the company to help the Black community.

A lawsuit says the platforms’ high commissions and pricing restrictions are stifling competition.

Restaurants have had a tense relationship with third-party services, and whether this deal will help ease them remains to be seen.

Uber's board has approved the all-stock deal. It solidifies the company as a formidable player in the delivery wars.

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