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Where does COVID-19 leave catering?

Many restaurants have suspended their programs, but the service has a history of bouncing back.


The next battle in the single-use packaging war: Cups

Operators and suppliers are partnering to develop better eco-solutions.

Beverage LTOs are becoming more ubiquitous, but it might not always make sense for an operator jump on a flavor trend.

In an overwhelming sea of choices, operator flexibility is key.

Operators grapple with the challenges of adding veg-centric entrees to the menu.

Bartenders put in the effort and leave out the booze to craft options for the nondrinking crowds.

With the growing popularity of brunch, operators are turning to the bar—not just for dining room overflow or selling bloody marys, but as a focal point.

Operators in two urban food halls have found that the profits and brand recognition of signature beverages make adapting them to smaller digs worthwhile.

With the move toward a more “natural” definition of health, diners are warming in their reception to animal fats, suggest the trends that Technomic and RB predict.

As storage space contracts, chains are getting resourceful with everything from shelves to ceiling height and inventory.

Markers and masking tape used to be the norm for keeping tabs on ingredients, but now more advanced tracking has become ingrained in many restaurant kitchens.

Capitalizing on the cold-brew coffee trend, select U.S. cafes will give up the counter space to serve the creamy, nitrogen-infused java made from the cold-brew base.

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