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The steaks are high

A steakhouse cuts food costs by substituting an underutilized cut of beef for filet mignon.

Restaurant trends from across the pond

The British restaurant scene is booming, according to Peter Backman, an annual visitor to the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Backman sat down with Senior Editor Pat Cobe to share some other insights into what's trending in the U.K. Did someone say "fast casual"?

Restaurants are creating new kids' menu ideas to win over today's young customers and their families.

With a B.S. in psychology and business, Sterling’s goals did not include professional bartending, but her skills turned out to work to her advantage.

Senior Editor Pat Cobe shares 10 business-building food and beverage trends she spotted at the show.

Hot smoked salmon and housemade relish give bagels and lox a different twist for restaurant menus.

Menu carts are on a roll in the design menu world, appealing to millennials’ desire for more choices and visual stimulation, and restaurants beyond Chinatown are jumping on.

"This is a crazy business" was the line most often repeated by those accepting James Beard Awards on Monday night, May 5, at the annual gala honoring the stars of the industry.

The beef on that burger is costing restaurants more this year, but asking customers to pay for the ketchup or mayo they squirt on top is not the way to offset high prices.

Drive-thru customers always have been important to Biscuitville’s business, accounting for 60 percent of traffic.

Latin cuisine has been a major driver of the bold flavors that are leading menu development today.

You typically have to visit the Southwest to get the best, most authentic tacos in the U.S. which is why I look forward to attending RLC in Scottsdale, Ariz., every year. This time around, I got tacos every day.

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