How IHOP is using AI to boost check averages

The pancake chain's AI recommendation engine makes menu suggestions based on what a customer has already ordered. It has proven quite persuasive.


IHOP's latest menu launch ties into new movie 'IF'

The chain's culinary team brings the film’s animated magical characters to life in eight food and drink items.

The family-dining chain is putting NASCAR- and MLB-themed delivery brands in hundreds of locations for the first time and expanding Pardon My Cheesesteak.

As VP of culinary at the chain, Carl is filling menu gaps by balancing creativity with value.

The family-dining chain launches eight menu items Monday inspired by the film’s story—and they’re not all chocolate.

The family chain said the system will spotlight options that align with a user's demonstrated preferences on variables like spiciness and price.

Pancake Tacos take the breakfast favorite into new meal territory as IHOP continues its drive to expand lunch and dinner.

After about two years and four locations, the pancake chain said it would apply lessons from the grab-and-go concept to other parts of its business.

Restaurant Rewind: Once upon a time, marketing started literally at the top, with a distinctive color and configuration to a concept's roof. Here's how that practice poses a challenge today.

The new head chef, tasked with driving the evolution of the menu, brings 30 years of experience to the job.

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