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The top restaurant news developments of 2018

Here's a look back at the news eruptions that shaped the restaurant industry in 2018.


The top 9 restaurant trends of 2018

A challenging year brought fundamental shifts in the market and a white-elephant sale of troubled concepts.

The originality of these limited-time items piqued consumer interest in November.

In this week’s episode of RB's podcast, "A Deeper Dive," the prominent franchisee also discusses his recent purchase of 368 Arby’s restaurants.

Inspire now operates brands that generate more than $12 billion in annual system sales.

The purchase of US Beef Corp. gives the Applebee’s operator its fourth brand and more than 1,200 locations.

Parent company Inspire Brands reached outside the restaurant industry for Lyle Tick, a retailer with deep marketing experience.

The one-day offer is limited in scope, but maybe that’s beside the point.

Here’s a look at the most tempting limited-time offers in August.

The chain’s focus is still on meats, but with a kicker calling attention to its complete sandwich line.

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