Checkers Drive-In Restaurants


Forget Threads. Casual restaurants are going retro in their latest marketing

Reality Check: 3-for-$10 (or thereabouts) and buy one/take one home deals are back in vogue.


Restructuring gives control of Checkers to its lenders

Arbour Lane Capital Management, Garnett Station Partners and Guggenheim Investments are taking majority ownership in a deal that will cut back on the fast-food chain’s debt.

Loans were due on April 24, but now Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc. will have more time to build on the momentum of its business.

The operator of drive-thru restaurants has reportedly hired advisers to help it restructure its debt, which comes due next year.

Falcons Burger is acquiring the locations from a retiring operator, becoming the burger chain’s biggest franchisee in the process.

The drive-thru chains expect to add 60 locations this year after signing deals on both coasts.

Tech Check: The drive-thru helped QSRs thrive during the pandemic, but it’s also ripe for change.

The company is adding voice-activated ordering this year, among other steps it hopes will improve the job of running its restaurants.

Frances Allen, CEO of the drive-thru burger chain, joins this week’s episode of the RB podcast “A Deeper Dive” to talk about the industry’s challenges and the chain’s growth strategies.

Chefs at restaurant chains are taking bacon beyond the traditional applications, tempting customers with new techniques and products.

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