Cicis Pizza


Cicis reinvents itself with a focus on video games

The pizza buffet chain has taken ownership of its in-restaurant arcades and expanded them. The result has been a game-changer for a company that was in bankruptcy just two years ago.


How video games proved to be a winner for Cicis

A Deeper Dive: Jeff Hetsel, president of the pizza buffet chain, joins the podcast to talk about the impact of its growing business of amusements.

Cicis Pizza, which is newly emerged from bankruptcy protection, sees a big future in off-premise sales while retaining its buffet roots.

The pizza buffet chain, now owned by a group of operators turned brand owners, closed a quarter of its locations.

Pizza sales boomed during the pandemic. Technomic reveals consumers’ top picks.

The owners of Roy's and Mooyah Burgers are teaming up on an effort to buy the pizza buffet chain out of bankruptcy.

The pizza chain filed for Chapter 11 and has a deal to be sold to one of its lenders.

Menu news of the week: Feb. 3, 2020

The former executive of Pei Wei and Cicis is the latest industry veteran to join the leadership team of Craftworks.

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