Domino's franchisee profits are recovering this year

Price increases and slowing inflation have combined to improve cash flow among the pizza chain’s operators this year.


Domino's upgrades its loyalty program

The pizza chain is reducing how much customers need to spend to earn points and will let customers earn points earlier. It is the latest fast-food company to upgrade its loyalty program, which has become a key marketing tool.

The pizza delivery chain plans to innovate its way into customers’ good graces and has massive hopes for its Uber Eats partnership. Its stock has taken off.

The pizza chain will enable customers to order through the aggregator’s mobile app, starting in four test markets this fall.

The Bottom Line: The pizza delivery chain believes it can generate billions in global pizza sales by jumping on third-party aggregators’ marketplaces. In so doing, it acknowledges that the business has become a key sales tool for restaurants.

The pizza giant is adding “pinpoint delivery,” enabling customers to get their food delivered to locations without a typical address.

The pizza delivery giant is keeping the door open regarding aggregators such as DoorDash and Uber Eats. The company uses a simple, risk-reward calculation in evaluating whether it makes sense to be on those apps.

The pizza chain’s same-store sales rose 3.6% in the U.S. and its profits improved, sending the company’s stock higher. But the stock quickly turned south later in the morning.

The pizza chain will train its franchisees this summer in a bid to improve delivery times and service. It is also planning changes to its loyalty program and a redesign of its e-commerce platform.

The Bottom Line: The pizza delivery chain saw a dramatic shift toward carryout last year, which it blamed on the impact inflation is having on consumers. So why aren’t we aren’t DoorDash and Uber Eats saying the same thing?

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