J. Alexander's


J. Alexander’s names Mark Parkey CEO

Jessica Hagler was named CFO as the company’s longtime CEO Lonnie Stout becomes executive chairman.


Court clears the way for servers to sue for full minimum wage

The decision could require restaurants to forego the tip credit for side work and untipped activities.

Longtime company executive promoted to the c-suite.

A new analysis also shows what differentiates a good user-generated review from a negative one.

The company says it will focus on organic growth after shareholders block a proposed merger with Ninety Nine Restaurants.

Marathon Partners accuses J. Alexander's of "manipulation" in its effort to merge with Ninety Nine Restaurants, says RB's The Bottom Line.

A pair of advisory firms are recommending that shareholders vote against the deal.

The company says the deal would bolster its long-term growth.

The deal will give J. Alexander's a firm foothold in New England.