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Shrimp stars in many chain LTOs.

The seafood chain has added animated video screens and high-def audio, part of a larger update for the brand.

Acquisitions have made KBP Foods one of the largest and fastest-growing franchises in the restaurant business. But the key to absorbing the expansion has been a notion that harkens back to the earliest days of KFC.

See which 10 chains are winning with seafood that consumers say they can’t get anywhere else.

A look at the largest franchisees in each region finds companies that are experts in their markets, and have local management and distribution to support franchisee stores.

Operators are featuring a slew of offerings designed to make diners do a double take. ‘Tis the season of deep-fried Twinkies and Naked Chicken Chips.

The seafood QSR added a $5 value meal and launched a sustainability-focused campaign

One of the largest quick-service seafood chains; it bought back 10 units for product testing in 2016

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