In-N-Out Burger

U.S. Consumers Minimally Concerned About the Safety of U.S. Food Supply

CHICAGO (October 16, 2012)—Even with frequent food safety outbreaks and recalls, concern levels about the safety of the U.S. food supply remain relatively...


State fair fare

Some operators have tapped into consumer food lust as state fair-inspired foods continue to make their way onto menus across the country.

Perhaps McDonald’s franchisees did unlawfully keep their own workers from protesting for higher wages last summer. But should the franchisor—McDonald’s USA—be held responsible for the alleged violation of rights as a joint-employer?

“TasteCrafted” will cost franchisees less to install than earlier customization programs and can be implemented in drive-thrus.

The 400 largest franchise operators are adding units at three times the rate of the chain-restaurant industry as a whole, Technomic says, with acquisitions playing a key role.

Growth in the mature better-burger market is likely to come from a sweet spot—QSR-plus, a segment marked by made-to-order food and below-fast-casual prices.

Customers reveal which restaurant chains’ french fries they deem most likely to spark cravings.

Did you read the tip on fishing when the fish are bitin'?

McDonald's trains more women and minorities than any other employer. Women and minorities represent more than 50% of McDonald's current workforce."The...

Recruiting and hiring may not have been priorities last year, but if predictions for a sustained economic recovery bear fruit, the collective “help wanted” sign could go up again this year. In fact, smart companies never stop hiring and even during the downturn have been strategically working to improve their odds of luring the best candidates from a labor market that, at least for now, more resembles an ocean than a pool.

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