In-N-Out Burger


In-N-Out Burger says ongoing crime is forcing closure of unit in Oakland, Calif.

After 18 years in the Bay Area city, the quick-service chain that rarely closes stores said the unit there is scheduled to shutter in March out of concern for the safety of workers and guests.


In-N-Out expands menu with 2 new options

Lynsi Snyder, CEO of the secretive burger chain, shared news of the beverage additions on Instagram.

Owner Lynsi Snyder said the longtime executive was known for values-based leadership and a commitment to quality.

The burger chain told workers outside of California and Oregon that they are not allowed to wear masks on the job.

Restaurant Rewind: The uninitiated will be asking themselves that very question when the brand hits the East Coast. Here’s a look at the quirks that have helped make the chain a cult favorite.

Restaurant Rewind: It's a mystery with no fewer than five claimants to the title of innovator.

Officials confirmed the brand’s first units in the Gem State are expected to open in late 2023.

The Bottom Line: The chain is eyeing its first Tennessee restaurants in 2026. But it has also ceded growth to other competitors.

The Bottom Line: The closely held burger chain’s decision to open a corporate hub in Tennessee, where it has no units, is a head scratcher. But there are good business reasons for the move.

The fast-food chain will start opening restaurants in the state in 2026, potentially opening up growth East of the Mississippi.

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