In-N-Out Burger

McDonald’s aims for pizzazz with new packaging

The chain’s revamped takeout bags, cups and sandwich boxes will start rolling out this month.


Drive-thru of the future

We’ve seen the drive-thru of the future and it is easier, faster and friendlier.

A fast-growing cooking oil delivery company is redefining grease work.

CHICAGO, IL (Sept. 17)—Consumers are relying on restaurants to provide value in hamburgers through "premiumization," according to a new report from...

Culver’s, famous for its Butter Burgers and frozen custard, is heavily franchised—only nine of its 427 stores are company-owned. But to keep messaging consistent and response time short, Culver’s centralizes its social media efforts, monitoring Twitter and Facebook from its home base 24/7. Tweets and posts fall on the agile fingers of the internal marketing team with help from an outside agency.

A very cool idea this week from a startup service that both helps customers eat less and feeds the needy. McDonald’s Australia has an idea to surprise would-be Hamburglars. And in New York City the unthinkable happens: Chinese takeout… changes. It’s the first sign of the apocalypse in this installment of The Week in Ideas.

In today’s hyper-competitive restaurant world, some of the most influential players are not in the front- or back-of-the-house.

When even the smallest profit increases are major victories for restaurateurs, neglecting to examine fixed costs such as trash removal is like throwing away money, says Dean Corbett, owner of Corbett’s: An American Place and two other Louisville, Ky., restaurants.

The familiar limited-time product will be rolled into some regions, consistent with the chain’s new localization effort and commitment to spotlighting familiar favorites.

The Illegal Burger chain will change ownership and become a public company through a merger with Nexus Energy Services Inc.

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