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10 places to eat & drink during tonight's snowstorm

Buried under six feet of snow, the city has seen a disruption in dining out. Here’s what some places are doing to fight the chill in sales.

Lettuce Entertain You launches a fried-chicken concept

Big City Chicken specializes in strips and sandwiches.

A new value menu is next on management’s turnaround list.

To stay relevant and help ensure information resonates, operators are modernizing training to educate employees in the same ways they are consuming other content.

This just in! Eating Big Macs and Super Size fries every day will make you really fat!

It’s no longer enough to add a couple of salads to the menu and call it “healthy.” Offering a variety of options in every category is necessary to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

It’s a tough time for meat lovers. Top quality beef is scarcer and very expensive and cash-strapped customers are trading down from steak and chops to burgers.

In the industry’s collective embrace of the latest social media marketing tools and tricks, a marketer would be forgiven—but not rewarded—for ignoring what is still the most potent tool in his arsenal: the brick-and-mortar opportunities of promoting to flesh-and-blood employees, existing customers and neighbors. Hyper-local isn’t just a new food trend, it’s a tried-and-true marketing strategy and you ignore it at your peril.

The drought that affected the Midwest corn crop over the summer is going to have a major impact on cattle feed costs and beef prices, predicts DeWayne Dove,...

Here are some of the ideas, trends and smart strategies we heard that could help all foodservice operators, regardless of their channel.

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