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Papa John's


Should Papa John’s be sold?

A sale could be the only option for the chain going forward, says RB’s The Bottom Line.


John Schnatter regrets stepping down at Papa John’s

The founder has hired a high-powered attorney and has taken aim at the company’s board.

In a special episode of RB’s podcast, "A Deeper Dive," Technomic's Robert Byrne talks about Papa John’s reputation challenges.

The company wants its founder to stop doing media appearances after a series of interviews over the weekend.

The company’s decision follows its founder’s resignation after using a racial slur.

Here’s why the chain will need to make big changes, and probably needed to even before John Schnatter’s racial slur, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The company’s founder allegedly used a racial slur during a conference call with its marketing agency.

Papa John’s shares fell 5% Wednesday after reports of its founder’s comments surfaced.

The founder leaves the company after word that he used a racial slur in a conference call.

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