5 ways to build a best-selling sandwich

A craveable signature sandwich can draw customers and boost sales.


3G Capital is making a bet on Potbelly

The private-equity firm has been buying up stock in the sandwich chain. Exactly why is uncertain.

The sandwich chain said weather and a delayed menu revamp hurt sales, sending the stock down nearly 20%.

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Limited-time offers that stand out from the crowd can appeal to consumers.

The chain said its same-store sales have slowed so far this year due to the dual January problems.

The sandwich chain has introduced a reconfigured menu with bundled meals and smaller versions of products to get customers to try new things.

Restaurants aim to feed consumers’ often conflicting desires as 2019 begins.

Julie Younglove-Webb was also named chief restaurant operations officer.

See which LTOs resonated with customers the most during September, when comfort foods made a comeback.

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