Potbelly starts selling sandwich fixings

The sandwich chain is offering presliced meats and cheeses, along with its bread and hot peppers, for curbside pickup and delivery.


More store closures ahead for Potbelly

The struggling sandwich shop is facing pressure from activist investors and falling traffic.

Potbelly will consider input from the Vann A. Avedisian Trust regarding the nomination of potential directors at the chain’s annual shareholders meeting.

180 Degree Capital Corp. has raised its stake in the struggling sandwich chain.

Ancora Advisors, which has pressured the sandwich chain in the past, recently upped its stake in the company as its stock price continues to fall, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Tom Fitzgerald, who has taken a new job, had been with the struggling sandwich chain for a year.

The revamped design switches up the chain’s traditional ordering process in hopes of boosting efficiency.

The fast-casual sandwich chain saw traffic fall 8.3% and same-store sales drop 3% during Q3.

A craveable signature sandwich can draw customers and boost sales.

The private-equity firm has been buying up stock in the sandwich chain. Exactly why is uncertain.

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