Potbelly founder to build shops in Maryland as franchisee

Bryant Keil, who built a Chicago antique store into a chain of sandwich shops, has signed a 27-unit agreement to operate locations with his son Hampden.


All Sweetgreen units will be automated within five years, CEO predicts

And in other fast-casual highlights from investor conferences: Portillo's is killing it in the Sun Belt, and Potbelly is carrying momentum into 2Q.

The Chicago-based sandwich chain said its same-store sales and profitability will easily beat expectations this quarter.

Central business district units and catering sales have almost returned to pre-Covid levels on "traffic-driven tailwinds."

CEO Bob Wright is not quite ready to say "national rollout," but the test has improved order accuracy, speed and food quality while cutting labor costs.

Growth in catering also helped the fast-casual chain reach record average unit volumes in the third quarter.

The sandwich chain is testing new in-store technology as digital sales now represent more than a third of revenue.

The Bottom Line: Nierenberg Investment Management Company gushed about moves the sandwich chain is making, but wants company insiders to buy more stock.

The 443-unit fast-casual sandwich chain said it intends to grow to 2,000 locations in the next decade and become a largely franchised operation.

The fast-casual sandwich shop, which started 45 years ago in a Chicago antique store, wants to become a majority-franchised chain.

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