Philly coffee shops give their union a heave-ho

Two units of Good Karma have been okayed to end their representation by Workers United, the union behind the push to organize Starbucks.


Howard Schultz is stepping down from the Starbucks board

The former CEO and chairman emeritus is no longer company director as part of a planned transition. Wei Zhang, former Alibaba senior advisor, will take on the role.

Reality Check: Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, Tesla’s Elon Musk, and serial tech disruptor Marc Lore are betting they can change the restaurant industry with new ventures. Here’s a look at what they’re envisioning.

Traffic has surged this year following the introduction of the coffee giant's fall lineup last month, according to the data firm And one of the biggest reasons is the day of the week the lineup was launched.

Staff at two Good Karma Cafes will vote in two weeks on whether to leave Workers United. Meanwhile, 15 unionized Starbucks stores are awaiting word on their request for a decertification vote.

Starbucks’ fall menu launched Thursday, celebrating the 20th anniversary of PSL and introducing some new pumpkin specialties.

The coffee chain is broadening mental health resources and launching a centralized service for military employees who are relocating.

The coffee giant, known most for urban areas and more recently suburbs, believes it has plenty of room to grow. And that could include smaller communities.

The coffee giant recorded the strongest average weekly sales in its history as customers customize beverages and order more food. But its domestic sales slowed and analysts appeared skeptical.

The former regional manager sued the coffee giant in 2019, saying she was wrongly fired following the arrests of two Black men in one of Starbucks' Philadelphia cafes.

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