There's plenty happening at the high end of the pricing barbell, too

Reality Check: Decadent meal choices are also proliferating, for a lot more than $5.


A Brazilian TGI Fridays operator declares bankruptcy

SouthRock Capital, which had also operated Starbucks and Subway units, filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy in Texas to protect its rights to the casual-dining restaurant chain.

The Bottom Line: It’s not entirely clear that price is the reason Starbucks is losing traffic. If it isn’t, the company’s new value offer could backfire.

The nation's highest court agreed that more stringent criteria should have been weighed before a U.S. district court granted an NLRB's petition to stop pro-union employees from being fired.

The coffee shop chain is joining a growing number of fast-food restaurant chains pushing bundled deals to get customers to come in more often.

The coffee shop chain in July plans to open its app to everybody, not just Starbucks Rewards members. But it is already promoting its value there as it works to rebuild sales from occasional customers.

The Bottom Line: McDonald’s, Starbucks and Chipotle, chains that have historically benefitted from social media love, are learning the hard way that it can have the opposite effect. Brands should take heed.

The Bottom Line: Howard Schultz needed just one bad quarter to make public his displeasure with the coffee shop chain. But the stage was set for that two years ago.

The Bottom Line: The coffee shop chain lost momentum quickly in November. That was too fast to be explained by consumer reaction over the prices of its beverages.

The former CEO of the coffee shop giant, who handpicked the current chief executive, said the company’s problems “begin at home.” And he urged the chain to overhaul its mobile ordering platform.

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