3 trendlettes we’re watching for June

Three major U.S. restaurant chains are giving their social media and loyalty programs a twist. Will those changes be brilliant, or a bust?

This week’s 4 head-spinning moments: No mercy

Can't the places struggling to stay afloat get some relief from regulators and the over-achievers?

The top and fastest-growing chains don’t always align with average total menu items in their sectors.

Growth-minded restaurateurs know the importance of keeping an eye on the competitors entering and expanding in their markets.

A three-year Blueprint for Growth was released this morning to coincide with a gathering of Dunkin' Brands investors.

It's the hottest, well, buzzword in marketing. Buzz. Everybody wants it. Not everybody has it. And to get it, best you forget the old lingo of media buys,...

Starbucks has more social media fans and friends than any other concept. It also has a lot of enemies: 220 Facebook pages call for boycotting it (and that’s just the ones spelling “boycott Starbucks” correctly).

Senior Editor Pat Cobe takes us on Day 2 of her tour of the Brooklyn food scene, this time stopping in at several artisanal producers, a bakery and a meatball shop. Final stop: a visit with the borough's most revered beer maker.

The coffee chain's pilot program is sending its food trucks to three college campuses to serve food and drinks with more flexible hours than some dining halls.

Troy Alstead, the second in command at Starbucks, is taking an unpaid leave less than a year after assuming day-to-day operations from CEO Howard Schultz.

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