White Castle


Few dishes warm the body and soul like a hearty stew. These places are serving up tasty meals-in-a-pot based on meat, seafood or vegetables, much to the delight of diners coming in from the cold.

Consumer Trends

3 trendlettes to watch for December

This month, restaurants are redefining the norm.

This week New England restaurants team up in two cities to help cut calories and drunk driving. White Castle might just replace its reputation as a destination for stoners. There’s a fight with a health inspector. And a thank you from a Chinese restaurant.

Sometimes the gloves come off in restaurant marketing campaigns. Here are a few of the standout brawls.

There is a lot known about the new health care law, but there are still some rules left to be sorted out. Regardless, there is enough known that many in the industry are concerned.

Leading chains are taking innovative approaches to snacking; here are three menu trends gathered from new item rollouts.

Today’s diners can be as picky about tech tools as they are about their food. Here are some of the technologies that diners say will get them in the door.

It ran several LTOs, including Nibblers, pretzel chicken rings and ghost-pepper cheese sliders

Belgian waffles are the carriers of choice for a breakfast sandwich at White Castle.

Restaurants influenced more than food trends this week. Just ask those waifs in outlandish outfits who strutted the runways this week in New York City.

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