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5 most craveable restaurant chains

Customers share which brands have the menu items they most crave and can’t get anywhere else.


Rooting for beer

Beer and wine service may be coming to a quickservice restaurant near you. Reportedly, White Castle, Starbucks, Sonic and Burger King’s Whopper Bar are all conducting limited tests.

Customers reveal which restaurant chains offer them the most craveable burgers that they can’t get anywhere else in a recent Technomic survey.

The phrase Founding Farmers may conjure up images of colonial America, but the restaurants operating under that name are anything but old-fashioned. One of the tenets of the Farmers Restaurant Group is using the latest technology available to carry out its mission of “operating, serving and living green.”

The top three burger chains, all QSRs, own two-thirds of the category's sales.

The best employers provide something far greater—benefits that matter to real people, a “no-place-like-home” culture and a road toward growth.

Chains are revamping mozzarella sticks, chips, breaded veggies and dips.

Employee development and community involvement are key to success in the inner city, operators say. Hear more best practices from the panelists at the Multicultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance Operators' Conference this week.

See what deals operators are unloading for the big feast.

You might not expect "health" to be a top priority at the chain that invented "chicken rings" and urges its customers to buy burgers "by the sack," but White Castle sends...

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