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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Should my app be bilingual?

Mobile apps still seem to be that white whale many operators can’t bag.


5 upheavals in restaurant ops during 2015

Shifts that started this year may redirect the industry for years to come.

The next shiny new thing may not be right for everyone's operations. Here are some tips offered at the FSTEC conference for making a smart decision.

Presenters at FSTEC, the annual conference for technology leaders, sketched out what's next for restaurateurs. Attendees learned the tech revolution of recent years was nothing compared to what's about to reshape the business.

Restaurants are among the 15 groups that want banks to have some responsibilities, too.

More channels means more competition and a rethinking of the industry.

What’s ahead tech-wise for restaurants in 2012? Probably less of the pent-up demand they’ve borne in the years just prior, according to the National Restaurant Association.

If you're strolling down Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills and suddenly get a hankering for a snack, you won't have to settle for a candy bar spit out by a regular old vending machine. Instead, snag a fresh cupcake from the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. It's restocked all day and night for continuous cupcake delivery.

An early user tries the Panera 2.0 mobile set-up, which enables customers to order up to five days in advance or bypass the cashiers to order and pay from their tables.

With the growth of tabletop tablets, pagers, self-ordering kiosks and even the stylus tethered to payment machines, there are a slew of new hotspots operators need to remember in their cleaning routines, says ServSafe Product Manager David Crownover.

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