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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Grubhub CEO downplays talk of sale

Adam DeWitt told the Wall Street Journal that parent company Just Eat Takeaway is looking for a partner over a buyer.


At BurgerFi, self-service kiosks are boosting check size—and tips

The new technology has also allowed the chain to reallocate cashiers to the dining room.

Lunchbox Essential allows small operators to create their own online ordering site, extending the company’s reach into the indie market.

The salad chain, which did away with its loyalty program last year, said it hopes its new Rewards and Challenges program will boost customer frequency.

  Over the past two years, the restaurant industry has had to deal with challenge after challenge after challenge—often with barely any time in between to recover. From dining room closures to...

Kur-B the KuraBot will deliver drinks and condiments while customers pick sushi from the brand’s signature conveyor belts.

Ever since the first modern robots were developed in the 1950s, the public’s fascination with autonomous machines has varied from excitement and hope to hesitance and fear, and everything in between. ...

The “Drive-Thru Express” lane is in 60 locations and could roll out to additional restaurants next year.

Tech Check: Guests say they cramp the experience and feel like a chore, according to Technomic. They might have to get used to it.

Tully Cafe is using things like self-serve kiosks and pickup lockers to make the operation more efficient.

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