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Plant-based milks flow into the mainstream

What was a trickle a couple of years back has turned into a deluge, with milk made from oats, nuts and more flooding the market.


California joins Texas and Florida in closing bars, but selectively

Meanwhile, Washington state is forgoing a lift in restaurant and bar capacities, and New Jersey is delaying the reopening of dining rooms. New York City may do the same. All are reacting to a surge in coronavirus infections.

Foods and beverages emerging in Asia are worth watching.

The state has repurchased alcohol inventories but is allowing licensed establishments to sell the supplies and pay for them later.

Restaurants that sell only food and nonalcoholic beverages appear to be exempted, along with supermarkets and sources of health supplies.

Like the other menu choices a restaurant offers, water options say something about the concept and the image it conveys to guests, Advice Guy says.

Menu news of the week: Feb. 3, 2020

A roundup of recent winter beverage items launched at chain restaurants.

Thanks to Nitro Cold Brew and a new cold pumpkin drink, the chain’s same-store sales and traffic continued to improve.

The Cinnamon Cookie Latte is the chain’s first new seasonal drink in five years.

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