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Wendy’s plots its breakfast expansion

“Everybody is all in” on the daypart as operators renew and the burger chain plans to increase its morning sales even further.


Even with Wendy's in the market, McDonald’s breakfast recovers

Same-store sales increased in the daypart in the second half of the year even as the pandemic changed consumer habits.

The better burger chain has expanded its test of the morning daypart and plans to offer it at all new stores going forward.

The chain generated its highest same-store sales in 15 years after adding the morning daypart, but the coronavirus held it back.

The burger giant is adding a cinnamon roll, blueberry muffin and apple fritter to its lineup later this month.

The chain, which doesn't serve dinner, says it's not suffered the a.m. sales freefall that QSRs are lamenting.

The breakfast-heavy chains are adapting to changes in consumer patterns, which may be more permanent than you think, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The company admits that it was “super worried” about the impact of the pandemic on its morning debut, but the daypart has gone well so far, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The chain is introducing a menu of three Toasted Breakfast Burritos as it combats Wendy’s move into the daypart.

The chain is a potentially formidable competitor in the mornings, but it has made some compromises, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

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