Chipotle's efforts to protect its value proposition pay off

Healthy transaction gains for both the fourth quarter and the year indicate that guests feel they are getting their money's worth, said CEO Brian Niccol.


As it loses customers to grocery stores, McDonald's shifts gears on pricing

The company acknowledged that lower-income consumers are eating at home more often, largely because of moderate price hikes at grocers. Here’s how the fast food giant plans to respond.

Same-store sales rose 4.3% in the U.S., thanks to marketing, operations and its growing loyalty program. But sales came thanks to higher prices rather than traffic. And the chain saw sales challenges in the Middle East.

The Bottom Line: The coffee shop giant said its problems with occasional customers last quarter were “transitory.” Fixing that problem will be a big challenge.

The coffee shop chain sells a lot of gift cards, has plans for late-night delivery and new product introductions. And young people like their beverages cold.

Parent company Rave Restaurant Group said it made about $600,000 during its second quarter, about twice its net income from a year ago.

Customers gravitated toward more affordable menu items late last year, but the brand said underlying trends are strong.

The coffee giant reported strong results from its loyalty members, who came into its shops more often and spent more in the process. But everybody else was a problem.

The Bottom Line: Is Starbucks really hurting? How did the year start with all that bad weather? Here is what we will be listening for once restaurant chains start reporting earnings next week.

John Cywinski hints going public could be in the Mexican fast casual's future if the revitalization strategy comes to fruition as planned.

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