Restaurants needed a kick to be mindful of the environment. Here's who provided it.

Restaurant Rewind: Lady Bird Johnson provided some tough love, and the industry is still showing the results today.


Meet consumer demands for sustainability while ensuring quality of off-premise orders

As diners prioritize sustainability, restaurant operators have an easy way to meet demand—environmentally friendly packaging for off-premise orders.

The state becomes the eleventh in the nation to outlaw the material. The law signed Tuesday takes effect July 1, 2025.

The coffee giant is developing the lab in Costa Rica, near its research and development headquarters. The facility will be designed to help develop sustainable production practices.

For every 50 pounds of shells they provide, the state awards a credit of $1. The shells are used to protect oyster beds.

The taco chain is teaming up with Cargill and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to support ranchers' regenerative farming efforts.

Some restaurants offered promotions throughout the month, while others curated sustainable menus.

The food distributor is transforming a distribution center in Riverside, Calif., into an electric vehicle hub.

Working Lunch: Both of their newly announced initiatives add up to sound long-term business decisions.

The parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell has established a new packaging policy with the aim to roll out more sustainable materials.

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