Catering to sales reps and admins

For its Catering Insights Program, Technomic interviewed sales reps and office administrators to dish on what they need from caterers for business events.


5 new phrases restaurateurs should learn fast

Technology and young people are changing the way the restaurant industry is talking about customers, concepts and more. Here's the latest lingo that savvy foodservice folks need to add to their vocabulary—stat.

The investment into Urbane Cafe is the couple's latest effort to diversify beyond Asian restaurants.

The marketing chief will take a sabbatical to spend time with his family.

Perception of the chain reached a low in January, according to a recent survey.

Elie Khoury knows what his company brings to the negotiating table. CEO Khoury himself is a former chain executive with a history of growing brands.

Two burger giants recently battled it out with an atypical weapon: cheesy sides.

Comps for the third quarter fell 17.3%, but were partially offset by the improved performance of its older sister, Pizza Inn.

Guilt was ladled out like soup this week in the restaurant business, with much of the shame megaphoned by outsiders looking in.

Chipotle’s crisis management skills are on the rise, both when problems strike and for its long game.

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