Government watch: A roundup of new laws and regulatory actions affecting restaurants

New Jersey stiffens penalties for employers, new overtime rules are percolating on several fronts, New Mexico operators fight paid sick leave in controversial fashion and Washington keeps up the pressure on anti-poaching policies.


House approves a $15 minimum wage

The measure also calls for phasing out the tip credit.

In what’s believed to be a first-of-its-kind hearing, the City Council pressed operators and outside services for information on how third-party delivery works and what issues need to be resolved.

The attorney general of each has urged the DOL to broaden the definition beyond what franchisors support.

Whether blue or red in 2020, they’re against extending menu labeling.

The Specialty Food Association says the impact would wallop operators within a month.

A handful of state and local proposals could build into major causes for celebration--or concern.

Richie Jackson is retiring after 34 years as CEO.

The industry would likely be better off with a dead horse than this dark one. But it's the sort of loser operators could get if they sit on the sidelines.

The nomination of the former Godfather’s CEO is controversial because of his abbreviated run for the presidency in 2012.

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