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EEOC limits religious exemptions under vaccine mandates

Restaurants and other employers can deny the exceptions in instances of "undue burden."


How will the FDA’s new sodium recommendation impact the menu?

The government’s guideline to reduce sodium is voluntary and relatively modest.

The CDC said the whole red, yellow and white onions were distributed to restaurants and stores in the U.S. by ProSource.

The president's plan addresses only one problem afflicting the pipeline, and that's not enough, according to RB's Reality Check.

The National Restaurant Association has asked a coalition of civic leaders to maintain the concessions that allowed sidewalk and streetside structures to pop up during the pandemic.

New research has produced a slew of information on the labor plight of the nation and its restaurant industry. Here are four gems that shouldn't slip past you, says RB's Reality Check.

Policing agencies have been directed to crack down on bad employers and go lighter on employees.

Only packaging designed and manufactured to withstand refilling are permissible.

Gov. Abbott issued an executive order Monday that bans any business in the state from turning away an employee or customer because they opt not be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Industry employment leveled off for a second month despite a steep climb in wage rates, according to the latest measures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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