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Industry groups join forces to avert lawsuits seeking back pay for furloughed staffs

The Restaurant Law Center teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce and the National Retail Federation to keep restaurants from being sued under the WARN Act.


Uncle Sam cranks up another program that could help restaurants

The federal government distributed $15 billion in aid last month under a new family aid program. The question is, how much might flow to restaurants.

The move marks one of the first instances of safety measures being re-imposed because of the fast-spreading Delta variant of coronavirus.

Operators say the potential lifeline was jerked away in an information vacuum that left them angry and frustrated.

The executive order gives restaurant employees fewer restrictions on the jobs they can take. Fast-food concepts are one of the intended targets.

The law takes effect in 2022, but restaurants have a grace period in which to use up their inventories.

By week's end, restaurateurs and other employers may be required to meet new safety rules.

Sean Kennedy, executive vice president of public affairs for the National Restaurant Association, joins this week’s episode of the RB podcast “A Deeper Dive.”

The federal grant program will officially end July 14 unless Congress replenishes the COVID relief pool, a possibility looking increasingly unlikely.

The money will be allocated in grants of up to $30,000, with the exact amount determined by revenue losses in 2020.

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