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How the Senate tax bill would affect restaurants

Owners of pass-through companies would get some relief, but the qualifications suggest not all restaurateurs would qualify.

Oregon to look at scheduling regulations

Passage of so-called secure scheduling would make Oregon the first state to adopt the restrictions on shift changes.

A procedure change suggests the measure is meeting considerable public resistance.

How easy is it to run afoul of wage and hour laws--and get caught? Ask someone in Austin, Texas.

The board's decision closes an alternate route to organizing staffers.

A group of restaurant-chain CEOs offered their advice to the next chief executive as the race moved into the home stretch.

It's now illegal in some places to ask job applicants certain questions, or to serve some Asian dishes.

One of the industry's own has been chosen as Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of Labor. With a sympathizer in place, restaurants would have a strong chance of seeing such hated measures as the new overtime rules and joint employer reclassification rolled back.

New reports make the case for expanding menu labeling to all restaurants and adopting a nationwide soda tax. It's enough to make you want to crave a $300 breakfast at Denny's.

A new scientific discovery could be a pain for all operators. Meanwhile, colleagues continue to illustrate what not to do when situations are trying.

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