Supreme Court lets Dreamers keep working, to restaurants’ delight

The decision to halt Trump's unwinding of the DACA program could keep hundreds of thousands of legal foreign-born candidates in the workforce.


Restaurants' COVID recovery set back by police protests

The damage was severe for operations in cities that were hard hit by the protests, new research shows.

Newcomers to the process didn’t know the odds were against them.

Personal liability was waived for lease defaults, and sidewalk fees were suspended.

Gov. Jay Inslee is sticking with the requirement that restaurants record who has eaten in their restaurants and when, but has alerted consumers that they can withhold their specifics.

The increased sales amount to about $900 a day. The added costs can run $500 to $1,000.

The state's Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the prohibitions on business reopenings are unconstitutional.

A restaurateur has already been arrested. The Justice Department has vowed to pursue more abusers of the system.

The state has repurchased alcohol inventories but is allowing licensed establishments to sell the supplies and pay for them later.

An Oklahoma town had to drop a mask requirement after restaurant employees were threatened. Meanwhile, more places in California got an illegal OK to reopen.

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